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The proposed design actively welcomes  customers to be engaged in a calm, pristine and elegant yet edgy atmosphere, depicted by a harmonised palette of solid recycle wood surface, white and sleek corian finishing, with subtle metallic embellishments made of bronze and copper. The abundant brightness and vibrancy generated by the design are also perfectly synchronized with the metal-fins-constructed food court design and its ambience.  

The hexagonal and triangular pattern blended motif presented on the backdrop and part of the bulkhead is the playful twist of the unique structure on traditional bamboo steamer, representing the core items on the menu — Northern dim sum, which also is a traditional Hong Kong main stay. Highlighting the bamboo-steamer-inspired motif also pays tribute to the unique and localised “Lion Rock” spirit as delineated by the general food court design. The use of bronze and cooper colour tones also adds a touch of warmth and extravagance to the space.

In general the bright and energetic vibe matches with the ambience of the “Lion Rock” themed food court design, where the meticulously placed details and material palettes help accentuate the brand's unique character.


Crystal Jade


Hong Kong International Airport,

Hong Kong



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