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Is a boutique full service interior design and branding design agency, working in collaboration with several associates and sub-consultants, to provide clients with a full package service. We have completed several small and mid scale projects in Hong Kong and China.


SAVVISH Design Studio works with design-savvy clients to create spaces that are classy yet unconventional, playful yet refined, bold yet sophisticated. Our approach to design is exclusively focused on how the aesthetics and orgarization of a space can reflect brand, improve efficiency and productivity, attract more customers and support sustainability.

SAVVISH Design Studio team aims to strike a balance between high design and liveability. Clients love our sensibility and our pragmatic approach to managing every last detail of our project. A straightforward communication style and transparent process differentiate us in the industry.

SAVVISH Design Studio is a boutique full service interior and branding design agency that provides strategic planning, interior architecture, and design services for a wide spectrum of customers. Following is a brief outline of our services provided for each phase of a project:


Concept Development

— Conceptual Design —

— 3D Renderings —

— Layout Plan —

Construction Development

 — Construction Drawings — 

— Material and Finishes Selection —

— Furniture and Decorative Lighting Procurement —

— Site Co-ordination — 


— Brand Image Development —

— Logo Development —

— Graphics Development —

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