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Soup Plus and Congee House are two differentiated yet cooperating brands with their identical characters and commonly shared spirits. Designing a connected yet compartmentalised dining space for the two brands is an exciting challenge.


To make 2 restaurant identities well matched yet differentiated with their own characters, Designer decided to take two simple yet well recognized totems to be coupled as the visual language duet: the puzzle patterns symbolizing the versatile and customized combo menu from Soup Plus, and the rice-grain-arrayed snowflakes to mark congee house signature recipes.


Both desperately offering lightweight and health cuisines, the duo restaurant design is also originating from natural wooden crafts, brushed up with pleasantly refreshing pastel colors as shown on pendant lamps and other metal wares, and concealed by smooth and soft textures. The total look brings a Japanese stylized homey atmosphere where customers’ sweetest and warmest memories are well contained.          


Congee House


Tin Chak Shopping Centre,

Tin Shui Wai,

Hong Kong


1300 sqft

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