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Unlike the nostalgic and classic stereotypes in the legacy of Tam Jai Yunnan Noodles.  SAVVISH rejuvenates the ‘Tam Jai experience’ with a brand-new identity consistently implemented throughout the spatial design.


From the widespread use of lime, emerald and turquoise color tones, the eye-catching visual impact created by the fabric mounted feature wall with crystallised forms, the shine and aura from the custom-designed jewel mosaic tile wall, the momentum created by the geometries constructing the wooden frames of the partition wall, to the coziness created by the colourful benches and chairs, all these details found in the design created a youthful and energetic picture for Tam Chai’s next generation.


Tam Jai


Tseung Kwan O Plaza,

Tsueng Kwao O,

Hong Kong


1900 sqft

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