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Inherited from successfully rebranded Mongkok outlet, another branch in Tsuen Wan has continued with the main theme "Pirate and the Caribbean" with savvy readaptation.

The turmeric yellow and the royal blue that perfectly resonate Satay King’s glory have continued to play a major tone to the interior design. To further appreciate the spectacular sidewalk condition, designer brings in the natural light with the use of large glass curtain, with the circular cruise window decor being the focal point, that resonate the maritime ambiance and create a special framing effect. The metallic sheen also matches wisely with the metallic pendant lamps and other fixtures.

The wood plank on the wall enriches the space a

dash of raw and casual in which the texture also brings an impression of cruise deck. Illustrations of the signature pirate characters and marine treasures are waiting to be discovered on the glass decals and many other details. The wooden furniture palette featuring pale wood and vivid color gives the space a dash of zestfulness and playfulness.


Satay King


Cheuk Ming Mansion,

Tsuen Wan,

Hong Kong


2500 sqft

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